Stealing Sheep // Evolve & Expand


There are many words I could use to describe the music of Stealing Sheep. Folky, imaginative, funky, sonic, psychedelic, indie, electronic… but the most apt one would probably be fresh. With there being so many bands and so many different sounds out there, it’s an incredible thing that Stealing Sheep really don’t sound like anything else I’ve heard. 

Not Real, the band’s recently released second album, is sure to be the focus of their Port Eliot performance. The songs that make it up carry a certain sense of imagination, dreaminess and otherworldliness… From Sequence, which reminds me of old sci-fi films with its bleeps and bloops, to the darker Evolve & Expand (which sets the tone with its opening line: ‘they will cook you up and grind you down to glue and clay’), there’s a lot of variety within that dreaminess. It’s incredible what feelings these three women manage to evoke with a synthesiser, some keyboards, a drum-kit and their voices.