author. Bethan Taylor


Virginia and Florence Astley.

Virginia and Florence Astley are a mother-daughter flute-harp duet piece. They are obviously very close from the way they interact with one another, and the intrinsic nature of their music. Her recent collection of poems is called "from gardens where we feel secure", which also portrays perfectly the vibe she is creating for the audience.

There is such a range of talent within this piece, as Virginia is also reading poetry. I firmly believe that the sound of a harp accompanied by the soothing voice of Virginia and the lyrical nature of her poetry are idyllic in their nature. They are paired together seamlessly, creating a calm and emotional response from the audience. There is a line from her poetry which frames exactly the beauty of this combination of art, which reads "a world beyond the words between our words".

Florence's abilities with the harp leave the audience stunned, as she plays with the atmosphere in the tent so easily. It's very tactile. She has everyone in the palm of her hand as she brings them from calm to excited to sad and back again. Talent is definitely something which is in the very core genus of this family, as this showcase comes to an end and the stunned group of onlookers explode into rounds of applause.