Game of Thrones makes us want to ask cultural questions about our peculiar times. Why, in 2015, when thousands flocked to see the reburial of Richard III, are people suddenly riveted by the middle ages again? Fashion illuminates all kinds of answers.

The Theatre of Fashion, and the treats we’re plotting are designed to take ideas, creativity and participation to unheralded highs. 

The entertainments begin with our obsession with the epic fantasy-mediaevalist Game of Thrones, HBO’s gripping depiction of dynastic struggles, dread fears and human foibles. Three great women will be journeying to Port Eliot to speak to us of life in Westeros. Actress Gwendoline Christie will talk about how she brilliantly inhabits Brienne of Tarth, loyal knight and feminist heroine. Thrones’ original production designer, Gemma Jackson, will reveal how she visualised and built all Seven Kingdoms. Costume designer, Michele Clapton, will discuss how she clothes everyone, from the courts of incestuous Queens, the denizens of brothels and religious fanatics, to the armour, furs and rags of warring armies.