author. Elliot Simpson 
photograph. Ali Blakemore


Stealing Sheep became an easy highlight of the festival over their two fantastic - yet significantly different - sets on Saturday.

The first took place at the Hole & Corner tent during the afternoon. As the band described it, it was a very 'chilled' set. Working with a reduced number of instruments, the group played to a small audience that grew as time went on. They ran through the majority of their new album, 'Not Real', in addition to playing some of their older hits such as the always catchy 'Shut Eye'. One of the most entertaining moments came after drummer Lucy let slip it was her birthday, causing the audience break into song, singing 'Happy Birthday to you!'

The second set took place late at night and was, as expected, larger and louder. Lucy was wished a happy birthday again, but this time the crowd was ten times larger and a cake was even brought onstage. The crowd cheered and danced through every song, with one man in the audience even waving around a large stick with a cuddly sheep attached to the end. Though the tracklist was largely the same, everything else was different. Having more instruments at their disposal this time meant that none of the songs sounded quite like they did the first time around.

Port Eliot is uniquely in how it offers so many different forms of entertainment from poets to cooks, authors to comedians. But sometimes at a festival you just want to hear a great band playing very loud music - and Stealing Sheep ticked that box for me.
Elliott Simpson