author. Bethan Taylor


Sean Hughes is an Irish comedian and poet. His humour is very dry and situational, and sometimes a little inappropriate. His poetry reflects this, but also shows a more emotional side to him which is hidden during his stand-up. It was interesting to see both dynamics combined and be revealed to two sides of his personality. 

His comedy mostly reflects the idea of going into old age and being faced with issues such as loss of libido and being an introvert. It was definitely something which sparked humour throughout the packed Park tent, especially as the jokes about his Border Collie began- who he claims believes is his wife. He is also a passionate vegetarian, which just made me like him even more.

The poetry he read revealed his thoughts about his life in a way his stand up couldn't. It presented a man with deep concerns for the world, rather than somebody who can just crack a joke. The juxtaposition of these representations of himself eased the audience and made us all feel like we knew Sean Hughes past the limitations of his acting, poetry or stand up.