author. Karenza Fafoo


Rocke & Nutter at Port Eliot Festival 2015 
Author - Karenza Fafoo 

Rocke & Nutter are a Cornish based company. Selling home wear, soft furnishings, animal print wetsuits and accessories. Their beach, cross body and tote bags are made from sail cloth. The  original tags and stitching are left to show the materials origins, giving the items a history. Thin strips of colour from recycled high vis jackets are sewn into the seams, and discretely peep from the sides as fluorescent crescent moons. The composition of up cycled corporeal objects, gives the items a strong personality. In their texture you can see the affects of the elements, a horse galloping over a deserted beach, wind roaring in the riders ears. A keelboat, lashed by the ocean, sea spray bursting against vessel, leaving boom and hull spritzed with salt musk glister. 

An array of hanging ornaments decorate the wooden, beach bar style counter. They are made from floats, buoys, driftwood and twined rope. 'We do a beach clean and set the finds in resign, to look pretty, to attach to the bottom.' Explains Alison. Bits of plastic, broken glass, curved shells like coral and pearl petals, string and snaps of polystyrene, rest suspended in the clear block. 'Would you like a prawn?' Asks Alison's colleague, indicating to a large tub of pink shrimp sweets on the counter. I take a few and admire the cushions. Kelpie lobsters, turquoise swimming pilchards and blue scallop prints, set against a sandstone background, are complemented by delicate lime fringing and white and cerise pom-poms. 

The seaside inspired designs are handmade and screen printed then stitched together, by up and coming designer Hazel Lawrence from Falmouth uni. 'She won an award for something, for being... Well just dead good" says Alison honestly, proudly smiling. Rocker & Nutter say 'there's a freshness, a vibe and a purity about life on the North Cornish Coast that we love. We want to share Cornwall's original and imaginative style with you.' All of their items are authentic and ethically produced. With a rustic outdoorsy feel, one could believe the Rocker & Nutter stool had just drifted up the coastline and washed up on the banks of the Port Eliot Festival.