author. Lily Buford


Sandy Powell is an Oscar winning costume designer who recently worked on the awe-inspiring remake of Disney's Cinderella. Most famously, she designed Cinderella's gorgeous ball gown and slippers that were on display during the festival. It was this knowledge of her input to the Cinderella film which drew me to her interview, but I left knowing so much more about her various projects and costume designing in general. To me, Sandy Powell screams 'Port Eliot', she has a somewhat quirky sense of style and unarguably, is an outstanding artistic talent who deserves recognition.

Sandy really got me thinking about how important the role of costume design is in film, something I hadn't really thought about before. "Its not just about putting people in pretty dresses, it's about creating the character and making the audience believe in them" she said. This made me have a huge appreciation for Sandy's work; in the beginning all she has is a script to work with, and simply from words she ends up creating mesmerising costumes that become a vital part of who the character is. Think of the 2015 Cinderella and what do you envision? Lily James in a shimmering blue gown, twirling around a ballroom. Sandy did that.

Sandy is also incredibly humble. When asked how she felt about fellow costume designers taking inspiration from her work, she scoffed and refused to believe they would. But of course, they do. I, someone who hasn't picked up a needle since that disastrous cushion attempt in year nine textiles, left the interview feeling utterly inspired. As of course, Sandy didn't jump straight into designing for top end film productions. She left art school before she had even finished her course and spent years working on various things such as music videos and stage plays. Like many of the artists at Port Eliot, she worked her way through until her talent was truly recognised, and an incredible talent she is.