author. Bethan Taylor


Patrick Barkham was speaking on Sunday about his trip, walking all along the coast of the UK and writing a book on it. He talked about the sublime nature of the sea, and how this has influenced artists for a while. Patrick went to talk about the Romantics and their adoration of the granite along the coast, and how doctors adored the sea for its health benefits and so forth.

The result of this was housing. There were endless houses built upon the coast until the national trust stepped in and started to protect different areas along the coast. They now own more coast than anyone else in the UK and their focus is on preserving it. 

Listening to somebody talk about walking along the coasts and writing about it will never be as good as actually doing it, but listening to Patrick and his artistic writing it successfully creates an image of these beautiful coasts, and is definitely the next best thing. Although very much a factual, informative piece this work is one filled with imagery and humour, and passion.  It it clear to see the extent to which Patrick is a fan of the coasts, it is laced into every word he uses. 

The audience enjoyed Patrick's fascination with the seaside. It brought him down to the same level as the audience, removed the title of expert, and made us all aware of the memories we all have of the coast. This wasn't just a talk on the British coast, it was also a chance to reminisce.