author. Lily Burford


Friday morning and it's time for a spot of vintage swimming cap making, what else? The workshop barn is bursting at the seams with women of all ages (unfortunately no men decided to embrace the swim cap), ready to transform some mere scraps of fabric into fabulously fashionable headgear. 

After Fiona explains how we are to make these items - basically anything goes as long as they're pretty - we're off with our mission to make the most flamboyant swimming cap there ever was. For a second a few ladies forget their manners and a few elbows are splayed in an attempt to grab the popular 'turban-style' cap, though it's all just in lighthearted excitement. Soon, with a feather digging uncomfortably into the skull here and a hearty helping of glitter there, we're ready to foray our way down to the river in our headdress finery. They may not be the most practical items in terms of keeping the head dry, but stylish we will be. 

This is what I love about the Port Eliot festival, there are so many chances to do something you had never imagined doing until now. I mean, where else can people parade around in vintage swimming caps and nobody even bats an eyelid?