Eastern Eccentric is a business created and managed by Jeremy Azis. Ranked 50th in the world at last years bodyboarding championships. Mr Azis resembles a beach bum version of Dame Edna Everage. Not because he looks like he is in drag, but because of his huge Cheshire Cat grin and monkey shine eyes, that glide mischievously behind persimmon lenses. Jeremy comes sauntering over to me, crouched at a table display of open picnic baskets. Overspilling with floral boxer shorts, pocket squares and trunks - decorated with olive branch, botanical and camel print. 

He is casually throwing sea salt flavour corn, from a large packet of Tyrrell's Proper Popcorn into the air, and catching them in his mouth. He is sporting swimming shorts and a pale lapis shirt. Covered with welkin colour, thistle and butterfly wing crimped print. 'Here, take a card. It has our website on it.' I admire the gold glitter lettering on fibrous card. 'It's handmade paper, recycled and mushed then pressed back together. Beautiful isn't it? Those are real rose petals on the back.' 'Here, go on, you can have these if you want. Mother of pearl cuff links. Each shirt comes with a pair.' I take the quirky yet delicate cotton reel cuff links, with iridescent nacre round spool ends. Rotating them at eye level to admire their ornament like quality. 

All of the clothing is handmade in Jaipur using traditional hand block printed Kamaric, Malmal and sheet cotton. I ask how the business started. 'I used to be a music producer. I was over in Delhi filming a  Metallica gig. The barrier broke, 30,000 Indians rioted. I had ten days spare on my hands. A friend said, you have to see this wood block printing, you're going to die. It's very labour intensive, one street carves, the other prints.' I ask why he chooses to still have the items made in Jaipur. 'It's a vanity project for me really, because I like nice shirts. The blocks are all old designs, 17th century. The prints come in and out of fashion, the carver that designed a mould originally may die and that print will stop being made.' 

Jeremy's Eastern Eccentric items are very unique with Memphis geometric, ethnic Paisley and soft pre- raphaelite romantic sorrow. With a varied palette of filmy ethereal pinks and greens, contrasting with burnt orange, graphite, black and mustard. The darker hues are layered with intricate shadow chroma detail, to make all clothing striking but cognate. 'John Lewis approached me. But I said no, I can't. A big company wants fifty all exactly the same. I will order five shirts from India and they won't all be the same. But it's India, that's how it is.' What started as a venture to kit him and his friends out with attractive garments, has become a popular online company. Offering a bespoke service that is refined and meticulous, but also holds an unapologetic respect for the nonpareil nature of true hand crafted clothing. A philosophy that seems to compliment the essence of Port Eliot festival, which for me is the special embrace of nature. The structure and content of this festival does not overwhelm and obscure its surroundings, but embrace them and intensify their beauty and enchantment.