author. Ashleigh Howells


The Cornwall based company introducing the most originally magical beads I have ever seen. Like a magpie as always I was drawn to the glittering sparkling stall on first glance and like a child awed over the amalgamation of colours, sizes and styles. The beaded necklaces, bracelets, anklets and rings are made, I'm told, by the 'disco fairies' who create as arranged, the 'sparkliest beads in all the land'.

Created with mirrors inside each bead the technology seems simple yet fantastical. As fitting with their fairy creators of mythological brilliance the beads hum with an aura of glittery light on contact with any form of natural or artificial light. I'm sold. 

On the promise of returning tomorrow with the appropriate funds I leave the stall excited for the disco life ahead of me upon the purchase of these fairy beads!