author. Ashleigh Howells


On walking into the impressive rooms of the Port Eliot Estate my jaw is dropped to the stone floor almost instantaneously. Ahead of me is the most captivating dress I have ever seen. The dress designed for this years headlining movie 'Cinderella' (2015) stands proudly in the elaborately decorated rooms of the turret building and I stand awestruck, taken back to my childhood fantasies of princesses, and fairies and dream worlds with horses and knights.

A sucker for anything with glitter anyway I am transfixed as the vintage model wearing the gown rotates slowly to exhibit all the glittering wonderment of the material to the words of the softly sung Vera Lynn.
I would have come just to see this. A truly supreme example of excellent dress designing and costume making. This dress is the dress I always saw Cinderella in, it is perfect.

As my mind wanders to plains where I have a small enough waist to fit into this tiny gown and I am made to parade myself around most superiorly around in it, my eyes lift up to the neglected beauty of the rooms magnificent chandelier. Equally as impressive with its embellishments of feathers, flowers and lace. The most suitable wreath for such an exquisite room. This place is a haven for the lover of all things painfully beautiful and I leave feeling empty, for the fear of never seeing something quite so beautiful again.