author. Lily Buford


Just an hour ago I was attending a church service at the St. Germans Church, a breathtakingly beautiful building situated in the grounds of Port Eliot. Now, as I sit on the riverbank and soak up the atmosphere, I reflect on my experience not only at the church, but at this weekends festival in general. 

As somebody who had never attended church here before, I was welcomed warmly and invited to take a look around the historic building. I felt at ease, and not at all like I was intruding on their norm in any way. With both regular attenders and festival goers in attendance, I very much felt a sense of 'community', with people joining together. And that's something I've noticed about my weekend at Port Eliot festival as a whole, everybody is so friendly and there is a real sense of being able to let go of your inhibitions and just have fun. It's unlike any festival I have ever attended before: people who have never met shake hands and discuss the act they're watching, everywhere you look there are groups of people dancing, or laughing, or partaking in a group yoga session. The atmosphere here is truly beautiful.