author. Bethan Taylor


This packed out talk, despite the absence of John Lloyd, was definitely a highlight of what Friday had to offer. Lucy Cook and John Mitchenson kept the crowd entertained with different animal facts which people in the crowd wouldn't know. Unsurprisingly, the topic of genitalia was brought up almost immediately. To see the parents shock as the fact that female hyenas have a seven inch long clitoris shaped like a penis was revealed, complete with photographic evidence, was priceless. 

Despite the faint hearted leaving early on into the penis talk, the audience seemed interested in all the facts they learnt and genuinely enjoyed themselves. Not only did I get to witness horror in the form of parents, shock in some children who learnt about the birds and the bees for the first time, and some very surprising genitalia, you'll all be very pleased to know that I now have many new conversation starters set up for the next load of family parties and nights out I attend.

Oh, and we saw a wombat's poo in person. Which is shaped like a cube. What more do you want from a festival weekend?!