author. Elliot Simpson


With everything going on, it's very easy to forget about the 'Port Eliot' part of the Port Eliot festival. During my first day at the event I did some arts and craft, listened to a rock band and even watched a woman swirl ten hula hoops... But I also explored.

Part of Port Eliot's appeal to me is how beautiful the site is. I spent most of my first evening there sat by the river enjoying the atmosphere (and catching up on some work).  It was lovely to sit among the greenery, the enormous trees, the chattering birds and just relax a bit. Not that the area by the river was too quiet - in fact it was pretty busy considering there were no acts nearby. Everyone was just a bit more relaxed.

I met a few people while I was there, including a couple who asked me to take their picture. They told me that they took a photo together at that spot by the river every year. Fiddling around with my iPad, they assumed I was a bit tech-savvy. I took the photo and we parted, wishing each other a great time at the festival. 

Beyond all the tents and the food vans, Port Eliot is just about a bunch of people congregating in a beautiful place. I feel able to start conversations with strangers and make jokes with them in a way that might not elsewhere. And I think that's pretty great.