Stephen 'spoonful' Parker
Radio show: The Source 96.1FM     

author: Lily Burford


Stephen 'spoonful' Parker kicked off the festivities at the 'Caught by the River' tent, having already been their resident DJ for six years prior to 2015. Immediately I can tell that he is a returner, as the atmosphere is incredibly relaxed and there is a huge sense of familiarity; members of the audience are chatting amongst themselves and I sense that many are there specifically to see Stephen's set rather than being mere passers by. Parker's is a DJ set unlike many I've heard before. Far from what you would expect from the stereotypical club scene, his music is atmospheric without being intimidating. The casual tone allows for people to relax and mill about, whilst the songs act like a backing track for the audience's activities. 

Parker successfully set the tone for the weekend at the 'Caught by the River' stage. Along with the idicilic riverside setting, he created a chilled out, family friendly and somewhat entrancing vibe (there wasn't a single person in the surrounding audience who wasn't dancing along in some way).