‘Versatile’ is the outcome of a human centred approach, witnessing first-hand the ways in which people are forced to adapt, react and conform within their home environment. From hanging cloths on cupboard handles, to stacking cutlery in mugs, these insights show some of the ways in which people, in their own home, subconsciously, have to make do.

The kitchen environment is currently a space with a layout which is set, and frequently not designed for the person who will be using it. ‘Versatile’ aims to end this need for people to have to make do and instead empowers them to take control of their surroundings by giving them the tools to make change.

‘Versatile’ allows for constant changing so as to accommodate the far-reaching assortment of tasks performed by a vast range of different people, in the kitchen. It does this by providing the user with a magnetic set of  interchangeable and functional tiles that offer infinite possibilities, enabling consumers to make any home, their home. The functional tiles can be moved all around the kitchen at any time helping users achieve their tasks and make life seem easier.