tell me something … 

Type a message on the typewriter that is a maximum of 140 characters, or 2 lines of text. It will go straight to twitter (so mind your p’s and q’s please folks)

This typewriter based work is part of my fine art practice and the materials produced will form part of a new body of engaging type based art work. If you would like to see previous works please visit my website laurarosser.com or email me@laurarosser.com

To follow the project and see your tweets follow twitter.com/itypedatweet

Laura is a socially engaged artist whose practice explores relational concerns through analogue print based processes.

Her current work uses typewriters to reference modern anxieties including human error and time; highlighting the culture of perfection and instant gratification. 

At Port Elliot Literature Festival there will be the opportunity for people to engage in her work by typing on a vintage typewriter, which will send messages straight up to twitter.

To follow the project and see your own tweets follow twitter.com/itypedatweet