THINK | PLAY | DO: The mobile Penitentiary


In this ever technologically advancing world, mobile phones remain at the forefront of our lives, having become in a relatively short time period the one item we simply can’t live without…or so we believe. Increased connectivity between people through mediums, such as social media and texting, have led to dramatic behavioural changes in our society as a whole; we are becoming mindless technological zombies, who's attention is directed towards a screen in the palm of our hand. Sadly, we subconsciously choose to isolate ourselves with the many distractions provided by our phones, as opposed to communicating with people around us - a common sight in public.

In order to convey this compulsive dependence on phones that we all seem to suffer, I created a thought piece - a prison for the very item we have become slaves to. It was my intention to bring forth a realisation within the owner of the imprisoned phone, to make them realise the extremity of their dependence brought on by the feeling of being physically cut off, unable to interact with it. I hope this realisation can lead us to questioning our behaviour more frequently and to be more aware of the patterns of phone use we have moved into in recent years.

I crafted the prison cell from steel, using brazing to assemble the structure. I have very little experience with metal work, so this proved to be a big learning experience for me which I thoroughly enjoyed. The fact that this project was only a week long really made me get into the making quickly, which kept me very engaged up until the final hours before presenting. Overall, I have very much enjoyed this short but sweet project and I hope that my outcome can spark contemplation, allowing people to see their relationship with mobile phones in a new light.

Jack Emery