THINK | PLAY | DO: The friend maker.


Our mobile phones, the device that connects us with our friends. It builds our relationships and allows us to always communicate with each other… But that’s not a good thing. The phone has become an isolation tool that creates a culture of exclusion in our social environments. I have noticed this a lot when taking public transport. I look around and everyone is in his or her own little bubble, not interacting with each other. I think that this is unhealthy as meeting new people and engaging in conversation broadens our knowledge and creates a diverse range of friends.

In response to this I have created this concept, a device that can be fitted inside of any transport network. It has a collection of hanging wires with a suction pad on each end. These suck on to the back of your mobile device and, when connected, link you with anyone else on the train, plain or bus that you’re traveling on.

This physical connection that you make to the central hub (through the wire) gives a tangible sense of connection with others who are using the service. When conceited with other people you can engage with them talking, sharing music and playing games with each other.

I feel that this approach should break people out of isolation and start to re-introduce our natural process of friend making.

William Huggons