An exploration of quality over time.
Death; the one certainty within our lives, and yet it is an incredibly delicate topic to be discussed. For those suffering with a terminal illness, that taboo topic can leave a sense of isolation. What’s been prevalent throughout my study and analysis of those suffering is the need for quality, over an attempt to increase the quantity. 

My research saw three emerging themes when exploring what ‘quality’ means; finding happiness in humour (illustrated in a book of joke tattoos to induce humour and distraction); 

the intimate exchange of heartbeats between two heartbeats to reconnect with the people around us; and capturing the precious moments doing what we love by a gift of the ability to manipulate the hours on a clock. I’ve attempted to tackle these with a methodology that provokes thought for not just the patients, but their loved ones too. The goal I set out to achieve encompasses a sense of reconnection with the respective themes, breaking down the barrier of such a dark subject, whilst also acknowledging the incredible work and dedication everyday by palliative care nurses with a war-like redesigned fob watch.