Translating the measurement of energy consumption
The energy consumption from boiling one full 2.2kW kettle uses the equivalent of 3500 AA Batteries, this is just one illustration of the energy intensive world we live in.

Sensations of Energy is a design-led research project with specific focus on investigating new ways to communicate the energy we consume when boiling a kettle. The project provides new models and concepts that demonstrate and translate the unit of energy – the ‘kilowatt hour’ into parameters that are easier to comprehend: time and temperature. New forms of expressing these phenomena are demonstrated through a series of artefacts and images that communicate its value; implicitly as well as explicitly, in the language of our consumer culture.

Time is communicated within a clock face. Starting the kettles boiling process starts the clock, illustrating the time taken for one boil and a collective boiling time over the kettles lifetime. 

Temperature is communicated through a glass thermometer. Showing the temperature of the water before boiling begins. Giving an informed decision on the desired temperature before use.

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