‘I feel trapped in anything permanent’


‘I feel trapped in anything permanent’- Kengo Kuma.

Kumas ‘Oribe Teahouse’

The aim of the Japanese Teahouse project was to study a teahouse design and to then produce the technical work for it this included; plans, drawings, virtual model, visuals and a scale model, which combined the atmosphere and feeling of the space. My teahouse designed by Kengo Kuma was inspired by the pottery of the tea ceremony bowl; ‘rustic, irregular and monochrome’. The teahouse is constructed from 92 unique layers of corrugated plastic and cable ties, which makes it easy to move and cheap to construct. 

In my work I wanted to communicate the ghostly effect of the temporary teahouse and that it isn’t just a space for making tea but a space for deep thought and escapism. My model has been made from polypropylene and acrylic to demonstrate the transparency of the structure. My visuals have been created from combining my drawings, model, virtual model and overlaying them to imply the atmosphere of the space and how it is used for the ceremony.

Lucy Matthews