Faceted Lighting System//James Filbin



I have used Parametric Design through algorithmic programming, and hope to further explore printed objects in relation to the everyday home ware. I am also currently working on modular systems and their implementation on a varying scale, from lighting systems to structural components with the same physical properties throughout enlargement. His work strongly features how a user’s experience is defined by the product or service, and taking the context of an object to reclaim its identity.

As the line between the digital and physical world begins to fade the ability to communicate the conceptual design into actuality is a mere 10 - 14 shipping days away. This evolution in production has generated new materials, manipulated current ones and will continually enhance opportunities for designers.

Using additive manufacturing along side well established techniques the FLS aims to enrich your personal well being by augmenting your perception of the space.

To achieve this the user controlled lighting generates a range full of flavours to choose from, allowing for a personal colour scheme. Its important for the FLS to be emotive whilst both in use and idle so the addition of coloured facets allows for the FLS to remain a focal point regardless of its intermintency.

The structural rigidity reflected in the harsh angles of the facets is offset by the warm light breaking through its translucent faces. Its simplicity runs only skin deep as the systemic complexity maintains a strong presence with in the enviroment.