Can you tell me about yourself?
I am 21 years old and I am from Italy. My passions include literature, photography and films. I came to Plymouth because it allows me to study Typography as well as Graphic Communication. Graphics can be quite general so I thought that this would be very interesting to look at Typography as well. This course is much more focused on projects rather than theory so it’s nice that this allows me to be in an environment that is like the world of work. 

What did you create for your ETSY project?
I created a brand that would appeal to film buffs so basically a pattern has been created for each film which customers can select. The selected pattern is used to create a box, inside the box there is a description of the film along with a head band or bow tie that they can wear. Depending on the film a note book or some form of stationary may also be included. All of these products have the film pattern print on them. People are also able to buy things in isolation for example you can buy just the head band or a pair of socks as the box is quite expensive. 

I am quite passionate about films so I wanted to choose films that where not so mainstream. I was trying to pick up a specific target market on ETSY as there are so many people on there. 

What inspired your project?
As I love films I wanted to make a piece that would be something that I would like to buy as a film lover. I felt that the bow tie and the head band represent my personality more. I looked around on ETSY and I realised that there are quite a lot of people like me so I wanted to target them particularly. Some of my friends also thought it would be cool to give as a gift to friends so after that I decided to go forward with the project. 

What was your approach to creating the product?
I started by watching the films and summarising each story by creating tables with drawings inside of them. From this I began to create the patterns for each film based on what I had drawn in my summary. I decided that I would then use screen printing to carry on the process so I tried a lot of different colours to see which looked the most interesting. After screen printing I moved on to using the magic touch paper that would allow me to print my design on to fabric. The final part was to begin making the prototypes so I started sewing a lot of headbands and bowties to see how it would all look with the different patterns on. For the packaging I wanted something quite different so I created boxes using a laser cutter so that all of the individual items could be nicely packaged within one space. 

How did you develop your idea?
I think I already had the idea in my mind before the assignment was given to us so it was a really easy process. I knew exactly what I needed to do because it was something I would have wanted. When selecting what products would go in to the box I looked at what accessories were the most popular on ETSY in 2014, bow ties and headbands were some of the most successful products sold. I also chose these two because they are both quite hipster products so I was able to target specific people within ETSY. 

Why did you choose to make this product?
Because I love films and I wanted the opportunity to create a product that represented myself. We do not often get the opportunity to just create something we want, we often have a brief or a client so this allowed all of us to just make something we wanted to. You put a lot of effort in to the development of the product, you spend a lot of hours designing and making it. I was sewing throughout the night to get this project finished so of course it naturally means a lot to me and it is a very important piece for that reason. 

Were you aware of ETSY before this project?
Yes, I was aware that it existed but I had never used it I didn't really have a reason to. Working on this project has changed that I have already begun selling things online. I found it really easy to use I was quite surprised. You just have to upload a picture and add a description, it was very uncomplicated. I personally made the decision to only make one box per film so once it has been sold on ETSY that is it, there are no more they are one of a kinds, for now.