Changing people's consumer lifestyles.

Consumption sensitivity is an investigative project aimed to change people’s consumer lifestyles; with a focus on the benefits of lowering anxiety caused by lack of money, and the freedom created by having more disposable income. Due to the complexity of the subject area people have been the focus throughout, to discover consumer types, to answer why, what, where and how we consume. Via observation, behavioural mapping, and conversation, recognition of people’s consumer habits have been able to become unravelled and acknowledged. All whilst asking the key question ‘why?’ to really get to grips with the reasons behind consumption.

The outcomes have been produced with a strong focus on psychology, to discover the psychological reasoning surrounding consumption, and how we can alter mindsets and behaviours; so that money becomes less of a burden, within lifestyle. The outcomes themselves increase awareness and alter perception of familiarity via different methods, such as using ‘unarbitrary’ measurement which is unusual to the consumer, physically damaging value, and changing mindsets via increase of awareness.