An exploratoin into a creative process
As designers, our role in society is to create, innovate, help and solve problems however big or small. The process of getting to these solutions or ideas is different and varied for each designer. As we search for new ideas, the processes we use to get them are becoming as important than the end product. 

Characteristic Branding is a creative process used to help generate new ideas and thoughts. It takes subjects and their characteristics to form ideas around possible products, then using the characteristics as a way of branding the products. The process creates idea generation, as well as producing a link between the subject and the product, fabricating a more considered and connected product. Its aims are to show just how effective something as simple such as a single characteristic can be to help us as designers be more creative than ever. 

An example exploration would be taking a personality like Kanye West, and his disruptive characteristics. A suitable product to design would be an alarm clock due to its disruptive nature. It is then designed with disruption in mind, taking into account ‘disruption’ in terms of colour, material, size and sound, then branded with details based on his secondary characteristics.

Sometimes it’s what you can’t see that makes things great. From design details to emotions and senses, I believe it’s the connection a user forms with a product subconsciously that makes design so powerful. My design ethos is based around the idea of brand, and how the experience of branding can make people inclined to buy into products. Throughout my time at Plymouth, I’ve been trained in Product Design, but my exploration and interests have been brand orientated. I’ve designed products around brands, designed brands and then products and created identities around brands. I want to take branding as far as it can go and I’m looking to pursue my interest in branding in my future career.