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The Hole & Corner Workshop at the Port Eliot Festival




Hole & Corner magazine in partnership with Affinity With Plymouth University, we will be curating a series of daily talks, live demonstrations and workshops from some of the finest designer-makers in the world. 

Hole & Corner magazine is dedicated to celebrating craft, beauty, passion and skill. This year, the pages of the magazine will come alive at Port Eliot Festival, as we invite you to wander (and wonder) through our world at the Hole & Corner tent.

We firmly believe that the route to happiness is making something with your own fair hand: or at the very least having a brew and watching the experts at work. Come in, learn a new skill or hone an old one; reconnect with Mother Nature or just have a mooch, a coffee and a chat.

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Daily talks and workshops include

Wood Workshop
Furniture making with Sebastian Cox 

Surfboard making with David Forsyth of Driftwood Surfboards

Boat building with James Bowthorpe and the Hudson River Project 

England’s last clog maker, Jeremy Atkinson

Leather Workshop
Belt and guitar-strap making with leatherware designer Bill Amberg

Leather steaming + workshops with Tortie Hoare 

Natural dyeing + workshops with textile designer Abobakar Fofana

Ceramics Workshop
Pottery + workshops from ceramic makers Jacob Bodilly, Billy Lloyd and Stephie Buttle

Paper & Print
Woodblock engraved printing with Robin MacKenzie 

Paper Sculpture with Zoe Bradley 

Music event
The Moshi Moshi stage, 5pm – 7pm daily

Featuring music from:
Pictish Trail
Seamus Fogarty
Rozi Plain
Slow Club
Sweet Baboo
Dave Tattersall/The Wave Pictures

Plus DJs Leo Walton, Rob Leggatt & Pete Wiggs