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London Craft Week: Sound Craft

5th / 6th May - London Craft Week

Plymouth University x Hole&Corner x London Craft Week x Steinway&Sons

This two-day event in celebration of the piano will feature renowned piano-makers Steinway & Sons, pioneering academics (5th May) Dr Pete Davis & Dr Mathew Emmett and Dr. Alexis Kirke  from the Faculty of Art and Humanities with Plymouth University.

The event will now also include the surprise guest: Hot Chip for an exclusive performance on the 6th May 2016. 

The week long events will include up to 15 of our emerging talent from the Faculty of Arts and Media.

Piano Craft will reveal the extraordinary craftsmanship, virtuoso skill and imagination it takes to build, prepare for performance, play and explore one of the most iconic instruments in the world.

Workshops: 5th and 6th May 2016

In conjunction with the masters from Steinway & Sons, our emerging talent will help take part in a autopsy of the inner workings and construction of a working Grand Piano and put it back together ( 2-3 hours in front of a live audience). Furthermore, they will display individual components of the piano, combined with imagery and narration from the Steinway grandmasters.

The reassembled Grand Piano will feature in a live performance by extra special guest performer on the evening of the 6th May 2016.

LONDON CRAFT WEEK 3rd to 7th May 2016  is an annual event that showcases exceptional craftsmanship through a journey-of-discovery programme featuring hidden workshops and unknown makers alongside celebrated masters, famous studios, galleries, shops and luxury brands. 

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