Wonky Pots: turning negative into positives.


Creativity and play go hand in hand to create new and interesting objects. I have personally found that experimentation and hands on experiences create the most playful and unique outcomes – objects with a story to tell. My work within the designer maker field is very much process led. One of the core values which I wanted to bring into this project was positivity – all too often we get caught up in the negative aspects of life which prevents us from moving forward. Although I am a keen ceramicist, there are still many skills within this area which I am yet to learn. For this reason I chose to experiment with the potter’s wheel during this project.

By embracing any issues that I faced along the way and turning negatives into positives I was able to create the Wonky Pots; these pots celebrate the craft behind them via their imperfections. Each pot has a number on its base which corresponds to a name and birth details. For example, number 13 is Potty Phoebe. Potty Phoebe was born in the ceramics department of Plymouth University at 15.15 on the 21st of January 2016, weighing just 465 grams. Giving these pots characters adds to their individuality and attempts to bridge a connection between a person and an object. 

Kirsty Toogood