THINK | PLAY | DO: We are your slaves.


We are slaves to technology. Everywhere we look people are on their phones. The accessibility of technology has created a world in which we’ve become increasingly more anti-social. People meet at a coffee shop, or bar, only to sit and mindlessly scroll through endless social media feeds, momentarily conversing every time they see something on their phone that they want to share. There is nothing worse than seeing a family out for a meal with their children constantly distracted by their phones, their food going cold as they scarcely involve themselves in the conversation.

As technology continues to accelerate, wearable accessories are becoming a widely affordable, and socially acceptable, part of everyday use. I wanted to design an object that reflects this move into wearable technology whilst commenting on the negative side of the ubiquity of phones in today’s society. 

The ANTIANTI is a wearable device that fits around around the users neck, creating connotations of being a “prisoner” of sorts. The device would link with the wearer’s phone to track their usage. If the phone is locked and out of use, the device remains transparent, drawing little attention to that person. However, if the phone is used for anything other than the camera (or to receive calls, incase of emergency) the collar will flash red and play a loud klaxon sound until the wearer locks their phone again. 

The idea is to humiliate those who have a tendency to be anti-social in a social environment, by drawing as much attention to them as possible.

Holly Rolfe