THINK | PLAY | DO: the touch of unpleasantness.


Society has become very dependent on mobile phones and other types of technology. Whether it be for communication, entertainment or even just for an alarm; it’s very uncommon to find someone without one. However, this makes me ask the question, ‘are we too dependent?’ which then lead me onto the idea of creating a process in which the user would have to go through in order to decrease this constant interaction of the smartphone and direct it back towards society.

With the idea of this process in mind, I started playing with different textures that were unpleasant to touch using my hands. These consisted of overcooked rice, blended carrot and honey; as a result, all created either a stodgy, gritty or sticky sensation none of which were comfortable to put your hand into. Then the idea of a latex glove came to mind, the close fitting function would be perfect to test how unpleasant the tested materials are when they’re tight to the skin and contained around your hand. The answer, very. 

The final idea for this process was that in order to use a phone, the use must put on the unpleasant glove for the whole duration of use. With this, it allows the user to think if looking at their phone is worth all the discomfort and mess therefore would make them use it for the less important things. Simply creating a forfeit for using ones mobile phone.

Georgia Nutley