THINK | PLAY | DO: 948 friends.


I have 948 friends yet I am lonely; I speak to all of them everyday yet none of them really know me. 

We have been immersed by a world where it is no longer normal for children to play outside, but instead on their iPads - touch screens have made us lose touch with the world around us. It is shocking to think that the average person spends four years of their life looking down at their phone - imagine all of things you could achieve in four years.

Whilst watching a TV series which follows the day to day life of children I was shocked to hear that children as young as six are expressing their opposition to the use of mobile phones through their play.

A child was filmed saying that her mother did not 'deserve' arms or hands because she used her mobile phone too much, instead of focusing her attention on her daughter. It was then that I started to consider traditional methods of communication and interaction - how could I bring this back?

film clip: 4OD

I have recently been inspired by Craftivism and thought that this would be an excellent way of refocusing people's time and energy - it is a natural distraction from the mobile phone. This can work in two different ways. The first would be to use shock tactics by sewing alarming statements onto pieces that would be left in public places where mobile phone use is rife, which would then be found (and hopefully kept) by visitors with the aim to trigger a thought process.

The second would be to make this process available to the public as a direct method of communication - you would be able to stitch a message to a friend. Due to the time consuming nature to this activity the person would have to think more carefully about what they wanted to say when compared with text messages.

inspired by: Craftivist-Collective

Kirsty Toogood.