Kirsty Lloyd



Who are you and what do you do?
I am Kirsty Lloyd and I am studying 3D Design currently specialising in Designer Maker. Its great because I am more involved with the hands on making part of the course rather than sitting in front of the computer screen. I like to buy and sell, it sounds really weird but I like to go to car boot sales and I know what to look for and what will sell on Ebay. I like to buy old things and turn them in to new things so I will buy old fabrics and turn them in to cushions.  It’s satisfying when people want to buy something that you have made yourself.  I can’t make my mind up with materials, I love all materials I can’t just pick one or two types to work with, and I’m too indecisive.  

Why are you studying your subject?
I think it is because it is so diverse, you have a choice of everything. In the first year we were able to go in to spatial interior product or designer maker so we get a lot of students who aren’t sure where they want to go so in their first year they get 4 mini projects that are designed to help them chose. I chose designer maker as I like the more hands on aspect of the course, I enjoy the making part of it and walking in to a workshop. I chose this degree because it is something I like I can’t imagine myself studying something where I am sat in a lecture hall trying to stay awake. You are also given really broad briefs, we’ve had one called ‘small, medium and large’ it was great to have that freedom to just do what we wanted. 

What do you want to do after University?
Teaching, definitely teaching, I want to teach 11- 18 year olds. I really can’t think of anything else I would want to do with my life. I wouldn’t ever want to rely on myself to make money I make things for fun and it’s enjoyable. I wouldn’t be fussed if people didn’t want to buy it, I do it because I enjoy it. That’s not to say I won’t have a little shed at the bottom of the garden with a little 3D ceramic printer in it. I really like textiles but I will never bring it in to my degree because it is something I do to relax, I sit in front of the TV and get my sewing machine out. I enjoy it too much to ever be marked on it. 

What has been the best experience so far at University?
I’ve enjoyed everything I don’t think there is one bit I haven’t enjoyed. It’s a very sociable course, we all mingle together and the first and second years all talk to the final year. There are only about 15 of us per year so we all know each other and get along. 

The trips are absolutely amazing in first year we went to Berlin for four nights and in second year we went to Amsterdam which was really great. Other years have been able to go to New York and Milan Furniture Week. 

What inspires you?
Definitely people coming in and talking to us. We get a lot of designer makers come in and sit down with us and have one to ones with us. They talk about our ideas and it’s great to be able to speak to someone who does this for a career and there is no pressure when you talk to them. We have had talks from people like Sarah Corbett and I know that her talk has inspired one of the students when creating their final piece so it’s great, we meet people we never would have before.  

I am also really inspired by modern research, I personally don’t want to stay in traditional ways of making when there are other things out there that makes things newer and more digital. I think keeping up to date with that is really important and bringing in to my more traditional ways of making. I really like the traditional way of making because that is how it all started and it’s nice to compare the two and compare efficiency of the newer methods, there is a lot less wastage.