Our design presents a space that incorporates the imagination and play of creative thoughts with a professional organised arrangement. We believe our design should be as adaptable as required by each individual therefore we chose to represent this blank canvas idea by filling the space with white. 

In order to fulfil our aims we have sourced a company called ‘Idea Paint’ to provide a material that will be applied to all surfaces for adaptable uses. This company produces a high performing dry erase paint which is basically an erasable canvas but comes in a variety of colours and can also be magnetic. Our walls include a large transportable pin board which acts as both a room divider and storage system. We have chosen to incorporate a post-it wall to allow for a different style of note taking. We chose to use the white magnetic surface all over to allow for writing on walls as well as mounting technology wherever required. Being magnetic also benefits for the supporting of stationary. Part of the innovative range of technology in our design is a 360 projector that projects on all four walls and the floor.

As a person walks into the space they are presented with a blank canvas but we have provided hidden furniture that also adds colour and a playful experience. Our key feature was to design a table system which is suitable for every scenario, largely focusing on group interaction. Following on from that there is a range different seating for appropriate situation and quantity of people. Stackable chairs and bean bags can be retrieved from behind the pin board and stools are stored under the windowsill surface.

We believe the best way to produce creative thoughts is by being able to connect and relax within your own comfortable environment.  Familiar resources such as refreshments have been incorporated into our design and for those who prefer to work within a naturally lit environment we have extended the window sill surface to create seating/work spaces.

Our material considerations and production costs result in a feasible design we feel is highly achievable and suitable for professionals and students.