An adaptable space for the ideas generation, supporting and promoting work for internal and external professionals: This enables the user to enhance their collaborative thinking within groups covering a range of subjects.

We have created innovative ways to bring team-work as well as individual thinking in to practice by providing constituent parts to use within the space, adapting to the preferred conditions of the users. Our layered glass allows for exploring deep thinking, a new level of surface drawing on transparent and translucent walls. Providing the means to be able to deconstruct your ideas and build on others.

A social meeting point of the replenishment area enhances natural behaviour to simulate the mind whilst making hot or cold beverages. Our lighting panels embedded within the carpeted floor allows for creativity at every level. Its central allocation draws people to gather and work together. A glowing central atmosphere to the room creates a natural ambiance in comparison to a clinical environment.

The modular collapsible table system is adaptable for 1 to 16 people to arrange themselves in the space. Flexible arrangements for discussion based meetings, lecture based talks or displaying individual work. By flat packing away the furniture and then reproducing the space will always finish with a different layout depending on the state of the room, the tables can be rotated to place as tables of three, four and five. But not restricted to this, since we hope and expect layouts to be generated of contrasting styles