About Us

AFFINITY WITH PLYMOUTH UNIVERSITY exist to nurture and deliver engagement and knowledge transfer between academia and the creative industries.

We are your creative and innovation partner at the heart of the Faculty of Design, Art and Humanities.


We want to open a dialogue with you and create a partnership.

Our approach is deliberately pragmatic, with an emphasis on the development of real opportunities for applied creative research.

At a commercial level, we have a history of developing thought leadership and real product/service IP.

We are a team of 1000’s.
Passionate about design, creativity and the arts.
Aware of the need to address change in order to create a fairer and inclusive society.

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The easy way for you to connect and collaborate
With our wealth of expertise, research and knowledge encompassed within the arts, design, humanities and learning sectors, we're a partnership opportunity you can engage with. 

We have well established links to the University’s wider academic community to support your idea, too. 

We're your knowledge exchange
Our aim is to bridge the areas inside and outside of both academia and the creative industries sphere - bringing the opportunities for collaboration closer together. 

New forms and emerging innovation
Our continual goal is to understand and evaluate new emerging trends that are shaping the modern world from the cultural, creative and lifestyle i.e. wearable tech, products for life, applied research, personalisation.

Authenticity is written within our DNA
Our society is waking up to the transformative changes happening across industry and society. We demand a greater emphasis on the use of sustainable materials and ethical working methodologies.